Just Listen

Thursday, August 5, 2010
Mark Goulston

This book is good for just about anyone.  Have a teenager?  Have a difficult boss, employee, client, family member, spouse, neighbor?   The author helps reshift a pattern of dealing with situations.  Instead of getting more emotional and trying to persuade, encourage, argue, and push the author encourages the reader to listen, breathe, ask, echo what you've heard.  One of the first chapters was very informative regarding how our brain reacts to situations.  It talks about our fight or flight response and how our rational brain basically gets hijacked.

It also describes many situations where we think we are listening and encourages us to listen differently so we can really hear what is going on with the other person.  Sometimes we get stuck on the words we hear and not what is behind the words.

This is a great tool.  It is an easy read, but you are going to want to read slowly to soak it in.  Again, one of those books you'll read a few times to master some of the skills.

Cindy A., Circulation

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