Jimmy Bluefeather: A Novel

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Kim Heacox
Jimmy Bluefeather: A Novel

Being a lover of nature and adventure, our library has 2 books by Kim Heacox that I have enjoyed: Jimmy Bluefeather: A Novel and Rhythm of the Wild: A Life Inspired by Alaska's Denali National Park. One of the storylines is about Jimmy Bluefeather, a high school student that is guaranteed a spot on a NBA team, until his leg is injured in a logging accident. James struggles to “reinvent” his life’s path while swallowing the speculation that the accident was caused by rivaled negligence. His grandfather, Old Keb, being a native of mixed blood that includes Tlingit, successfully steers a reluctant James in a direction that involves his hands rather than his legs. Keb introduces James to the ancient practice of carving a canoe. The canoe is carved from a log that Keb has saved from a time when his mentor was still alive. Keb’s wood shed becomes the town’s gathering place to help or watch the boat come into form. Being a respected elder of the village, the townspeople, are aware of Keb’s deteriorating health, and wonder if the hand carved “vehicle” will become a way that Keb is brought “home.” This book weaves Keb’s life, which is rich in ancient culture, to “modern times” that are embroiled in land rights.

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Geralyn B., Technical Services

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