Ivy's Ever After

Friday, April 27, 2012
Dawn Lairamore
Ivy's Ever After

What a fun romp. Lairamore povides great new twists on a couple of old fairy tales.  ln the first book, Ivy, the 14 year old princess,  with the help of Elridge, the dragon, saves the kingdom from the terrible prince who would be king,   The young prince according to the treaty must slay the dragon guarding the princess to become king of the land.  With the help of  a magical mirror Ivy is able to see his horrible plans for after he becomes king.  She enlists the timid dragon's help to find her runaway  fairy godmother.  All the traditional fairy tale roles are flipped around in this enchanting story.   In the sequel, Ivy and the Meanstalk, Ivy must save her kingdom yet again from being destroyed, this time by a sleep deprived giant.  Years ago Jack climbed the beanstalk and stole the magical harp that soothed the giant's wife to sleep.  Ivy flies on Elrridge to the kingdom of Jackopia to retrieve the golden harp before Largessa smashes the kingdom with giant boulders.  Of course, the royal family has no desire to part with the precious harp.  What is a princess to do? You will have fun on these adventtures with Ivy and Elridge.  Check our catalog

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