The Island of Dr. Libris

Monday, July 6, 2015
Chris Grabenstein

After reading the highly entertaining Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, I was excited to read Grabenstein’s latest book The Island of Dr. Libris.  This story takes place in current times with Billy spending the summer in a cabin with his mother, who is working to earn her PhD.  Billy discovers Dr. Libris’s library where books literally come to life on a nearby island.  Billy meets Hercules, Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers and other famous literary characters.  It is his hope that he is able to find a great treasure on the island that will solve his parent’s financial troubles that seem to be getting in the way of keeping his parents in a happy marriage.  This story was filled with wonderful imagination and would be enjoyed by upper elementary and early middle school students.   

Because all of the print copies of this book were currently checked out, I enjoyed listening to the audio version that was available.  The narrator had a pleasant voice and read at a good tempo.

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