Inside out and Back Again

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Thanhha Lai
Inside out and Back Again
It is 1975 and the Vietnam War has reached the home of 10 years old Hà, in Saigon. She and her family flee their home by boat and end up in Alabama, USA. This is a story about family, perseverance and hope. The story is captivating and the writing style compelling.
This is the first verse novel I have ever read. A verse novel is a novel-length narrative in which the story is told through poetry rather than prose. The blank space on the page creates time to reflect on Hà and her experiences.
I could envision her and her family sleeping on grass mats while the boat rocked back and forth. I could feel the sense of loss she must have felt to learn her country had fallen. I could sense her culture shock upon meeting “The Cowboy” and his wife for the first time.  If you like history, personal diaries, poetry, or unusual perspectives you will enjoy this book.  Check our Catalog
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