Inés of My Soul

Friday, November 4, 2016
Isabel Allende
Inés of My Soul

An amazing story of historical fiction about Inés Suárez, a Spanish woman who helped build the nation of Chile in the 1500s.

Inés was born in Spain, but made her way to the New World of South America in search of her husband in about 1537 when she was 30 years old. Although the trip was treacherous, especially for a woman, it is suspected that she wanted to escape the stifling monotonous life in Spain for a woman who is without a husband. She eventually made her way to Peru where she learned that her husband had died in battle.

It is in Peru where Inés becomes the mistress of Pedro de Valdivia, a famous war hero and Field Marshall. She accompanies de Valdivia on his mission to the south to found the country of Chile. Inés’s talents as a seamstress, a cook, and at the healing arts made her a valuable member of the small group of Spaniards who moved into the territory that is now Chile where the natives of the region were inhospitable.

This saga dramatizes the events that are known about the life of Inés Suárez. I recommend this to anyone who likes historical fiction with strong female characters.   

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Kathleen Z., Administration

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