I Will Surprise My Friend

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Mo Willems
I Will Surprise My Friend

The "Elephant and Piggie" books are delightful, fun, and entertaining for children, parents, and grandparents as well.  My favorite Elephant & Piggie books is "I Will Surprise My Friend".  If you have a preschool to early elementary age child, and want to hear them laugh out loud, read them this book.  

In "I Will Surprise My Friend," Gerald and Piggie decide to try a new game where they surprise each other.  Each waits on the other side of a large rock, waiting patiently for the other to surprise them.  After enough time passes by they both become increasingly worried - if the other is okay, or if the other has left for lunch.  They both jump out and startle each other at the same time so much that they become exhausted and decide to play their regular games from there on out.  Mo Willems is such a skilled artist and illustrator at conveying emotions, his books are the easiest to read aloud, you know exactly how to read each sentiment.  If you have a preschooler and haven't read Mo Willems' books yet, they are highly recommended!

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