How we do harm

Monday, June 11, 2012
Otis Webb Brawley, with Paul Goldberg
How we do harm

The subtitle sums up the book: "a doctor breaks ranks about being sick in America." Dr. Brawley spells out how the medical treatment you receive is directly related to what your medical insurance covers, "the wallet exam". While this wasn't a surprise to read, I hadn't thought about the over treatment that those with the "best medical insurance" receive and the harm that this can cause.  Or that the limitations of one’s medical insurance, or lack of, can result in treatment that is actually more expensive and less effective. While I wasn't surprised by how much the drug industry influences which drugs doctors prescribe, I definitely was naïve about the extent and the kick-backs.  Dr. Brawley is a Detroit native, who acknowledges those who helped him in receiving his education, from elementary school on, and shaping the doctor he is today.  His story alone is fascinating.  The book left me with a lot to think about, especially in light of waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision about mandatory health insurance.  This is definitely “not boring nonfiction”.  Check our catalog

Holly, Youth Services

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