How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip

Monday, June 19, 2017
Hithu Palepu
How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip

I'm about to head out on an oversees trip and packing is always a source of anxiety and worry for me before big trips like this. So I was very happy to see this title among the Library's new books and checked it out straightaway.

This compact little book is full of lots of practical advice for efficient, hassle-free packing and includes blank packing lists at the end to photocopy and have on hand for future trips. I took lots of notes and really needed the sample packing lists.

I still need to carefully consider and plan what clothing I will pack, as my wardrobe is not as well-defined and composed as the author's own wardrobe seems. She's made suggestions for packing accessories which I will use, but I would have loved a resource lists for purchasing recommended travel bags and accessories, including both high-end and more affordable pieces. I also will not create a packing station in my home, as she suggests, but I do like her forward-thinking in having everything I use each time I travel well-supplied and ready at hand.

This was a quick read and will help me plan my packing more efficiently and less stressfully. I'd recommend this book to anyone who travels, whether on a fairly regular basis or only rarely.

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Brandi T., Reference

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