Her Royal Spyness

Friday, April 20, 2012
Rhys Bowen

I found this book while browsing the available e-books.  Thirty-fourth in line for the English throne, Georgie (Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie), has been educated to curtsey, host lavish fetes and marry well. When her brother cuts off her pitiful allowance, Georgie leaves the family castle in Scotland for London, determined to become a liberated woman. Unfortunately for Georgie, there's a depression on.  Lasting only a few hours as a saleswoman in Harrods, Georgie starts a maid service, but she turns detective after finding a drowned man in her bathtub. When her brother is accused of the murder, she must try to clear him and the family name. Quirky characters like her lovable cockney grandfather; her estranged, oft-wed mother; and an incorrigible, sexy Irishman add to the fun. Living in London in the 30's was a challenge - even if you were a royal!  Diane 

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