Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: what is an adjective

Monday, October 31, 2011
Brian Cleary
Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: what is an adjective?

What a fun and entertaining series!  Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, Synonyms, Antonyms. Homonyms, and Homophones all receive hilarious illustration!  Within each book the part of speech being focused on gets highlighted to make it easy for the reader to know which words fit the bill.  "Adjectives help tell us more, Like narrow street or favorite store, Hilly, chilly, fast, and fun, undercooked and overdone.".  My young authors at home really enjoyed this series. It helped clarify, in a fun way, when I asked for more detail-add an adjective or adverb.  Great for getting back to school or even once school starts to reiterate what they are learning.  Check our catalog

Cindy A., Circulation

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