Grey Owl

Friday, September 18, 2015
Grey Owl

I was intrigued when I saw Pierce Brosnan dressed as a Native American on the cover of the movie, “Grey Owl.” After watching the DVD, I learned that the movie was based on a true story. When I researched the life of Grey Owl by borrowing books through MeL, I learned that he was born in England with the birth name of Archibald Belaney. Grey Owl traversed the Atlantic Ocean and took residence in Eastern Canada. While in Canada, Grey Owl took on the persona and life style of a Native American. He was a trapper, an author and lecturer of conservation issues, and a ranger of a national park. When animals became scare (overtrapping) for their hides, he advocated for the plight of beaver by creating sanctuaries. He actually had beaver as pets that had part of their home inside Grey Owl's cabin! Life in the wilderness was very grueling of time & energy. Transportation in all seasons included canoeing/portaging, hiking in mud, snowshoeing, and sometimes travelling by train. A trapper may stake out an area to set traps after travelling 100 miles, buying his “grubstake” on credit, building a rustic home with items found in the wilderness, and returning empty handed. I read a book, “Devil in deerskins” that was written by his wife, Anahareo. She wrote about living off the land while being a wife, a mother and a prospector. I enjoyed learning about people that subsisted on bannock.        Check our catalog

Geralyn B., Technical Services

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