Good night, Gorilla

Friday, April 12, 2013
Peggy Rathmann
Good night, Gorilla

I have been enjoying this, one of my absolute favorite books for 0-3 year olds, with my children.  This picture/board book has wonderfully descriptive pictures that tell the story.  I love the facial expressions and how the story is conveyed with its pictures, and very few words.  The story chronicles a gorilla who manages to swipe the zookeeper’s keys as he does a final evening walk-through at the zoo.  As he says goodnight to each animal, the gorilla unlocks their cage and they all follow the zookeeper home & into his bedroom.  When he turns off the light & his wife says goodnight, she is quite startled to hear a multitude of “goodnights” echoed back to her & shocked when she turns on the light to find a grinning gorilla and his animal friends in her house!

The repetitive ‘goodnight’ phrases throughout the story also make this a great book to read at bedtime. 

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Janice, Youth Services

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