God's Not Dead

Friday, September 19, 2014
God's Not Dead

DVD review: God’s not dead. This movie involves conflict & resolution in a religious realm. A professor of a philosophy class “told his class” to write on a piece of paper, “God is dead” and sign their name. He said doing this would allow that student to pass the class. Josh was the only student that could not even remotely participate in this “assignment.” The professor was not happy with the student’s reluctance at “doing what he was told.” Josh had to “debate” 3 lectures to support his reasoning. The professor threatened Josh that if he continued to “win over the students” and disbar the professor’s authority, he would prevent Josh from being admitted to pre-law. His lectures affected other skeptics. Two students had strict fathers of either oriental or middle eastern descents. The students did convert. Two other couples went through changes. One woman had cancer & her partner didn’t want to be hampered with her dilemma. The other involved the professor’s partner ending their relationship because she didn’t like not having her freedom & being “told” what she can and cannot do. The end of the movie left a positive resolution. Check our catalog

Geralyn B., Technical Services

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