Girl on a Train (Audiobook)

Thursday, August 18, 2016
AJ Waines
Girl on a Train (Audiobook)

What a great mistake! I downloaded the audiobook Girl on a Train from Hoopla, thinking I was downloading The Girl on the Train; two different books with very similar titles.

As a fan of audiobooks, this one did not disappoint. The narrator had a lovely English accent, which immediately caught my ear. I found myself wanting to drive the long way home, just so I could listen a few more minutes.

This was a fantastic mystery that had me hooked from the beginning. Anna, a journalist, is on a train and sits next to Elly, who is not only strange and fidgety but also leaves the train to jump onto the tracks. Was she killed or was it suicide? Listen and find out.

Find this audiobook on Hoopla. You will need your library card number and PIN to access it. Only Howell district residents may use Hoopla.


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