The Girl in the Red Coat

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Kate Hamer
The Girl in the Red Coat

This is the engrossing story of 8-year-old Carmel who disappears into the fog while at a storytelling festival with her single mother, Beth. Carmel is a bit of a mystery to Beth – a distracted wanderer who just acts downright strange sometimes – but this time Carmel has been abducted by a group of “spiritual healers” posing as her grandparents. They convince Carmel that her mother has died and they are now her appointed guardians. The story unfolds in alternating chapters between Carmel and Beth’s different perspectives, which I particularly enjoy. I was worried at first that perhaps Carmel would be physically or sexually abused by her captors. Not so – so if that is something you cannot bear to read (as I can’t) there is none of it here. The “spiritual healers” appear to be more interested in lining their own pockets using Carmel’s particular gift, and occasionally trying to save their own souls. I loved this book. It was original, thought-provoking and definitely worth reading.

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Kathleen M., Administration   

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