Friends with kids

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DVD title: Friends with kids. This drama is about 3 groups of couples. Two of them have children. Whenever the groups get together at each others homes or restaurants, there is chaos involving the children. The drama also shows the stress on the husband and wife’s relationship. The couple that does not have children are “single” and they decide to “get pregnant” and co-parent their child. They want to prove that parenting can be done in a positive manner. When the “single” couple have their friends over, the “married couples” (one set has since been divorced) are astonished how well the single couple are coping. Discussion between the friends question the ethics of raising a child in separate homes. Will the child adjust to having a mom and a dad that are not married? What if the “single” couple get married to different partners? Will the child miss out on a normal “family life”? I gave the movie a “thumbs down”. Check our catalog. Geralyn, Technical Services

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