Extreme Measures

Monday, April 19, 2010
Vince Flynn

The theme of the book is the war on terror. It is an all too real portrayal of the private war we never hear about, unless something goes wrong. As I am sure you recall, right after 9/11 every American wanted the military and the CIA to protect us and didn't care how they did it. After a while, when we felt more comfortable about the threat, we began to express disdain for the methods, or extreme measures, that were used to fight this war. The storyline of this book is about this issue.

Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash are back together again to fight another battle. 2 terror cells had previously been exposed and caught. Torture had been used on those arrested in order to get the information that there is a 3rd cell already in the US and ready to attack. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee hauls Rapp in to testify in front of her committee. Sen. Lonsdale loves all the media attention she can get and is looking forward to publicly thrashing Rapp. However, before Rapp can re-appear at an afternoon hearing, he gets word that one of his people has been killed. This tells him that the cell is in D.C. and knows that he is hot on their trail. Before the day ends, bombs go off in 3 D.C. restaurants at lunch time and a somewhat successful assault is made on the National Counterterrorism Center. Could the attacks have been prevented if Rapp hadn't spent time preparing to answer questions from the Judiciary Committee? The unwritten answer seems to be yes.

My favorite quote is on page 245 where there is a discussion regarding whether certain Congressman are loyal to America in the war on terror. Mitch Rapp complains "they hold us accountable, but we never hold them accountable." I think this idea of Congressional accountability is something we need to seriously think about.

Extreme Measures is incredibly realistic and I highly recommend it.

Ray K., Administration

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