Ending the Homework Hassle

Monday, July 16, 2012
John Rosemond
Ending the Homework Hassle
I have HIGH expectations for my boys academically, just ask them.  I also work hard on using some of the Love & Logic principles- I want my boys to be able to think for themselves and pay low cost consequences so they don't pay high ones as they reach adulthood.  This book echoes that  philosophy-school work and behavior and homework are their responsibility NOT mine.  So, this summer I am determined to wean myself off of helping with elementary work, so come the fall my boys will be on their own.   I already got my A's, it's their turn.  Better they have some failures now, than in middle and high school when it starts to really count. This book provides some very specific advice.  Worth the read and the pain of implementing.  Check our catalog.
Cindy A., Circ.

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