Friday, September 26, 2014
Eliot Schrefer

Sophie is back visiting her mom for the summer.  On the ride from the airport to the Bonobo sanctuary her mom established she stops at the sight of a man selling a very distressed infant Bonobo.  Thinking she is helping, she buys the infant and takes it to the sanctuary.  Her good deed undoes work her mom had done to decrease the killing of adults to acquire infants to sell.  The infant slowly bonds with Sophie as she becomes his surragote mother.  Civil war breaks out and Sophie must choose to save herself and go back to her father in the U.S. or stay so the baby Bonobo has a chance of survival.   Eliot Schefer describes beautifully this matriarchal Bonobo society and how we are effecting it.  His description of the fictional civil war in the Congo is graphic.  This is an amazing book, describing a place and animals few of us will ever experience with exquisite care and love.  It was a finalist for the Natioonal Book Award.

I am now reading aloud to my boys Schrefer's amazing book Threatened.  It is entirely different as it is set in Gabon and describes life there and the aggressive chimpanzee population.  If you care about the environment, primates, our realtionship to other species, are interested in life in African countries you must read these two works of art.  Check our Catalog

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