Electric Barracuda

Friday, September 19, 2014
Tim Dorsey
Electric Barracuda

When Serge was little he used to idolize his dad, one of the worst & most hated jai alai player's ever. Unfortunately, Serge witnessed the freak accident during one of the games where it killed his father. After that, he retreated into himself and became antisocial and troublesome. His antics and irrational behaviors carried him into his adult years. The Palm Beach Health Dept. labeled him “clinically insane, along with ADD, OCD, manic depressive, paranoid-schizophrenic, and self-inflicted shaken baby syndrome.” Hence; Serge becomes a serial killer. Only, he becomes Florida's likable serial killer because he creatively and in the most strangest ways kills people who offend his moral judgement. His streaks become so well-known that he earned a fan base. Electric Barracuda is set on the premise of him developing a website for his fans where he & his substance abuse buddy, Coleman, take the fans on an educational and entertaining Fugitive Tour throughout Florida. Meanwhile, the cops are in hot pursuit of them along this tour, making it authentic. This ridiculously humorous and wacky satire will have you shaking your head and literally laughing out loud!

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