Doc: A Novel

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Mary Doria Russell
Doc: A Novel

This is well-researched historical fiction about Dr. John Henry Holliday (better known as Doc Holliday) as a young man.  Born to a genteel family outside of Atlanta, GA in 1851, John was educated in fine schools including the best dental school in the U.S. in Philadelphia.   At the age of 21 he was   diagnosed with Tuburculosis,  a disease with no cure that had killed his mother six years earlier.  In hopes that the dry air of the west would help the symptoms, he moved to Texas and then to Dodge City, Kansas.  These were the raucous early days of  Kansas when cattle drives attracted lawmen like the  Earp brothers, Wyatt and Morgan, and Bat Masterson.   This is Doc’s story long before the gun fight at O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ,  Doc was trained as a classical pianist as well as a scholar of classic literature.   He could speak Latin and French and his English was impeccable.   The Civil War and ensuing economic depression left him almost penniless and unable to make a living as a dentist in Texas and Kansas even though he practiced his trade whenever he could. So gambling became his chief source of income.  A compelling story.     Check our Catalog

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