Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical (CD)

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical (CD)

Having just attended the local Community Theater of Howell production of the musical Beauty and the Beast, my granddaughter and I fell in love with the music and wondered if we could find the soundtrack here at our Howell library. A short catalog search later and I had the soundtrack in my hands. The same had happened when we attended Cinderella at Howell High School last year, as well as watching the movie Annie. There is a wealth of music on CD here, soundtracks of every type from kids’ movies to hip hop movies and everything in between. Not to mention that if Howell doesn’t own it, it is more than likely possible to interloan a soundtrack as well. We are so enjoying listening again to the beautiful music from the musical!

Check our catalog for this music CD.


Pat P., Technical Services

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