The Dinner: a novel

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Herman Koch
The Dinner: a novel

The events in this book take place in the course of one evening and the discourse is between two Dutch families in the Netherlands - brothers and their wives, along with their respective children who are middle-school aged boys.  The one brother is an unemployed former teacher, married to a seemingly complacent wife; the other brother is paired with "Babette" and this brother has political aspirations and exhibits an outgoing, friendly demeanor one would expect from a politician.  The commonality  between them is their sons and as the dinner progresses from one course to another, details of the horrific events that have taken place at the hands of both sons begin to emerge.  The parents continue to exhibit a nonchalant attitude as they gracefully meander through dinner and each forkful of food brings forth more disturbing details of the evening in which the sons have played a part.  The police have been brought in concerning this "act" to investigate and as the couples continue to eat, the subject finally comes up that needed to be is each couple going to respond to the shattering accusations levied upon the boys.  

Their seemingly ordinary lives begin to unravel as the parents discuss the incident and it is revealed how far some parents will extend themselves in order to protect not only their son but themselves as well.  It is unimaginable that there are parents in this world who would go to such far extremes to cover for their children.  The subject is compelling and the different scenarios that play out point to the darker side of human nature. Check our Catalog

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