Dead End in Norvelt

Monday, March 12, 2012
Jack Gantos
Dead End in Norvelt

Being a Children’s Librarian, I look forward to the annual announcement of the Newbery Award winner.  And each year I wonder, will I like the book?  Will kids like the book?  Some years I agree with the Newbery committee, and other years I don’t.  This year, I’m on board.  Dead End in Norvelt transports the reader back to 1962 in Norvelt, PA where we spend 2 months with Jack Gantos, age 12.  Its summer vacation and Jack has plans!  That is until he ends up grounded.  Jack is confined to his room, reading history books left over from a book sale.  Freedom for Jack arrives via an elderly neighbor who needs his assistance is typing the obituaries for the town’s newspaper.  Miss Volker, once the town’s nurse, promised Eleanor Roosevelt that she would take care of all of the original residents of Norvelt and she will keep her promise to the end, writing their obituaries.  Take a step back in time and meet some amazing characters, learn some history, realize the importance of taking care of one another, and for fun mix in bloody noses, underage driving lessons, Hell’s Angels, and the building of a bomb shelter.  Check our catalog

Holly, Youth Services 

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