Cholera in Detroit: A History

Friday, May 9, 2014
Richard Adler
Cholera in Detroit: A History

This book seemed like another part of the rich History of Detroit, taking the reader back to times before germs and pathogens were discovered.  Cholera was a deadly disease back in the centuries before toxic microbes were analyzed.  There was no known cure for Cholera because people did not know where it originated from.  Some thought it came from the soil; others thought it was transmitted by touch.  It took the documentation of several scientists and medical professionals to find the elusive pathogen that was Cholera.  The book outlines the eipdemics that took place in the Detroit area before cholera was identified to be water-borne.  The history of the sewers and raw sewage that made it way both into the Detroit river, and consequently into the water supply outlines a time that is unimaginable.  Not only cholera took its toll on the residents, but dysentery and smallpox ravaged the population.  
It was interesting to learn about how the city began and how the early residents lived through these unsanitary times.  
I liked it but it was a lot of history and rather unsavory in some of the descriptions of how people lived...not your bedside novel you would read at night...

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