Chet & Bernie Mystery Series

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Spencer Quinn
The Dog Who Knew Too Much

If you have been avoiding these mysteries because there is a dog in it - DON’T.  Chet is not smarter than his human partner.  Chet does not herd his partner, P.I. Bernie Little, to an obvious conclusion of the mystery.  Chet may be the narrator of these mysteries, but Chet is a dog.  He is a K9 Police School drop-out and is easily sidetracked by squirrels, food within reach, fountains, or anything interesting.  Chet is uninterested in most long conversations unless the word “treat” is in it and remembers “perps” by smell and taste.  Bernie Little of the Little Detective Agency is a divorced, ex-policeman who is perpetually broke because of bad investments (Hawaiian pants, really?)   Sometimes work comes knocking on the door and sometimes work follows you home.  So if you are looking for a humorous, hard-boiled, kibbled detective duo, try Chet and Bernie. Check our catalog.

Jerilee, Reference

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