Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Stephanie Garber
The twists and turns in the adventures of sisters Scarlett and Tella at Caraval had me turning page after page, minute after minute.  Think magical theatre meets game show, directed by a mad maestro. The description of this fancifully dark world surrounded me and pulled me in. This book has it all – sisterhood, mystery, romance, masquerade, adventure, and magic.
Scarlett and Tella escape their cruel father and his tiny island, just to be tossed into a world more sinister then they could have imagine. Scarlett is a selfless young woman who thinks only of protecting her sister and escaping her father. Her younger sister, Tella, only thinks of herself and living life to its fullest. They find themselves trapped in Caraval playing for the ultimate prize of One Wish. It’s only a game but the lines between reality and fantasy are quickly blurred. 
Sara D., Youth Services

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