Button Holed

Monday, October 30, 2017
Kylie Logan
Button Holed

This is the first in the Button Box Mystery series and introduces the reader to Josie Giancola who is an expert in buttons and the owner of the newly opened Button Box store in Chicago.  Josie has helped design costumes for a cult classic film and through the director, has come to the attention of a rising starlet Kate Franciscus, who is currently designing her wedding gown.  Ms. Franciscus returns early for a second appointment with Josie and is mysteriously murdered while Josie's assistant has popped into a neighboring shop.  When an errant button is discovered in the aftermath, the police ask Josie to help them locate the source and hopefully the killer. Between juggling her ex-husband and the investigating detective, with whom she's had an unsuccessful blind date, Josie tries to balance crime-solving and running her new business.  Although there are some unbelievable moments, there are some nice twists and the solution isn't completely obvious.  I plan to follow up this debut with the next installment HOT BUTTON, which is also owned by Howell Carnegie Library. This book was in a LARGE PRINT format. Check our catalog

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