The Bridesmaid

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Ruth Rendell
The Bridesmaid
 The Bridesmaid is one of many novels of suspense by British mystery writer, Ruth Rendell.  
Philip Wardman, the main character of the novel, is an ordinary and unassuming young man.
His ideal of beauty is the statue of a Greek goddess, Flora, which stands in his mother's garden. When his mother gives the statue away, Philip is so distraught, he steals it from its new home.
     At his sister's wedding, Philip meets a young woman who is the image of Flora.  Senta is an actress who has no regard for conventional morality.  They begin a passionate affair, but soon Senta tells Philip that he must prove his love for her by committing murder.  What follows is a story of weirdness and terror as Senta draws Philip into her web of  deceit.    
     Ruth Rendell is a master of psychological suspense and this is one of her best.  If you run out of Rendell books to read, she also writes under the name Barbara Vine.
Catherine T., Reference

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