Breaking Wild

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Diane Les Becquets
Breaking Wild

Set in the backcountry of Colorado, this thriller slowly reveals the influence of single incidents in the lives of the two protagonists. Amy Raye Latour is a hunter. One night she breaks the rule her grandfather taught her: never leave an injured animal unfound. Vulnerable and distraught because she couldn’t find the animal she shot, she joins in a life-changing game with her cousins. Pru Hathaway is a search and rescue responder, who has used distance to dull the pain of her life-changing incident. Yet both women have astounding perseverance. Les Becquets alternates their backstories as Hathaway and her dog search for Latour who goes missing while hunting. The author writes a believable tale, with details about hunting and search and rescue procedures, about survival.

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