Breaking Bad

Monday, May 19, 2014
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Breaking Bad

Don’t have cable or satellite TV at home? Then you might want to check the library’s catalog for the shows your friends are talking about. One I’d heard buzz about was Breaking Bad, and I wasn’t disappointed with either finding it at the library—or the show itself. Walter White is a well-liked, mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher. He leads a typical suburban lifestyle. He has a wife, teenage son, and baby on the way. Then comes a cancer diagnosis, and Walter wonders how his son will be able to go to college, let alone his family live comfortably without his salary. What does a decent man who’s dying do? He makes a plan. Only in this situation the plan is indecent. The acting and writing are so spot-on in this drama series you can’t help but empathize with Walter. But beware—aberrant and fantastic circumstances abound in every episode! Check our Catalog

Doris M., Reference


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