Born To Fly

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Michael Ferrari
Born To Fly

Bird McGill at eleven years old is determined to be a fighter pilot.  We are at war with the Japanese and her father, who believes his daughter can do anything, is off flying missions.  Bird becomes friends with the most unlikely child, a Japanese boy whose parents have been interned out of fear.  They suspect a spy is living in their little town and fight the higher forces to prove it and save the President from being killed.  My son and I loved this action packed story.  The feel of having control of a P-40 Warhawk and testing your self with those that believe in you being at your shoulder is incredible.  Ferrari was inspired to write this after seeing a little girl's hopes being deflated by being told by an older brother that she couldn't become a fighter pilot.  This is an excellent story for anyone who needs a little encouragement to keep believing in making their dreams become reality. Check our Catalog

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