Beyond the tiger mom : East-West parenting for the global age

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Maya Thiagarajan
Beyond the tiger mom

Don’t let the title discourage you! I picked up this book when it first arrived, curious about the phrase “tiger mom”, quickly thumbed through the pages and decided this was information worth reading.  I currently have school aged kids and I was specifically drawn to the information related to the educational approach between Eastern and Western cultures. 

I was quite amazed at the differences between the education that students receive here, in the Eastern hemisphere, and the education that students receive in the Western hemisphere.  She spends the first few chapters discussing math and reading and answering questions such as, why is math more popular in Asia, and why are so many books for children and teens being published in the U.S.?  

After reading this book, it was clear each culture has vastly different strengths and weaknesses.  I appreciated the tips and resources she provided to help find the balance between the two cultures and find an educational style that works best for your child.  I have certainly taken some interesting ideas from reading this book.  

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