The Beginner's Goodbye

Monday, March 16, 2015
Anne Tyler
The Beginner's Goodbye

"The strangest thing about my wife's return from the dead was how other people reacted."  This the first line of Tyler's novel, letting you know that this is going to be an interesting book.  Aaron, crippled on his right side, marries a no-nonsense doctor who does not coddle him as his family has done his entire life.  They are fairly happy, but then she dies in a freak accident and he is bereft.  Soon he starts seeing her, as she pops up unexpectedly in ordinary situations, like at the store or on the street.  He is even able to speak to her.  This is a novel of loss and recovery, written in such a lovely way that it's worth reading again for both the story and the beauty of Tyler's writing.  Check our Catalog

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