Bag Of Bones

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Stephen King

Like many Stephen King books, the characters he creates seem almost real. Throughout Bag of Bones, the central character, Mike Noonan, obviously parallels King's life. You come to think of Mike as someone who really existed. Of course if Mike really existed, then the Sara Laughs story must be real-and threin lies the horror. At first I didn't think that this story was very scary. I thought it was a very touching account about loss and a quirky writer who was trying to cope. I loved that he fell in love with Mattie and Kyra and genuinely wanted to help them. It was nice. The ghosts didn't seem very threatening, it was more like the ghost who helps you find things when you lose them. I thought that Stephen King introduced evil with Max Devore. Which is kind of true. Then I got down to the last 200 pages and I got that tingly-fingers-down-the-spine feeling, the anticipation that this book is going to get really creepy, really fast. The story of Sara Laughs unfolds with this almost kind of unnatural speed and horror. And of course, evil is not some supernatural, abstract concept. Evil begins with human actions.

Ray Kopja

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