Bad Self Portraits (Music CD)

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Lake Street Dive
Bad Self Portraits

After seeing this group perform on Stephen Colbert, I checked our catalog to see if we had any of their music, and I found this CD. Lake Street Dive is a so-called "indie" pop band, but there is more to their music than that description brings to mind. You can hear lots of influences in their music--R&B, soul, retro rock, jazz, and even country. The lead singer has a rich contralto voice, so unlike a lot of female pop stars of today who sing in the upper registers. You can imagine them playing their songs in a small club, but I think they are poised for a larger audience after seeing them on TV. A lot of the songs have a “hook”--they are catchy and you will find yourself humming the tune later after having listened to it. There are also interesting rhythms and beats that make you sit up and listen. I especially liked the title song, but all of the songs are good. They have a new CD coming out this month, which I am looking forward to hearing. Lake Street Drive is a good band that I’m glad to have discovered.

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Pat P., Tech Services

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