Another Day

Friday, February 16, 2018
David Levithan
Another Day

Imagine you wake up every day in the life of a stranger. Imagine you fall in love with the girlfriend of one of those strangers. What would you do to be with her? This is the life of “A.” A has been jumping between the lives of stranger for as long as A can remember. As a toddler, A thought that was how everyone lived. When people talked about doing things “tomorrow,” A didn’t understand. Now A is a teenager and wakes up in the life of Justin and falls in love with his girlfriend Rhiannon.  A struggles between maintaining the lives of the hosts and pursuing a relationship with Rhiannon. What would you choose?

Not only is it a great love story but it also challenges gender, race and body type presumptions in a way that's as entertaining as it is unexpected. I enjoyed every thing about this book. I loved the writing style, characters, story, and how it dealt with many important themes. I especially enjoyed reading from A's point of view.  Check our catalog

Sara D., Youth Services

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