Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Alexs Pate

Recently, my son checked out library materials regarding slavery as they were studying it in school. It brought to mind Amistad, which I had watched years ago. While I waited to get the movie thru MeL, I read the book by Alexs Pate that was based on the movie. At first, I was disappointed because I didn't feel like I was getting my normal reading enjoyment as the book was based on the movie vs. the other way around. I thought the author was taking short cuts in the imagery. The movie arrived; I love the performances of these powerhouse actors bringing this story to life. Having now read the book and watched the movie, I can tell you they are both worth your time. They tell the same story, but each in a different way using the strength of its medium. They tell the true story of a group of enslaved Africans that gain control of their ship and try to return home. This is the beginning of the tale; the other part is the political and legal maneuvering for justice and how it was instrumental in bringing us closer to civil war.

Cindy A., Circulation

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