American Sniper

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
American Sniper

 “American Sniper” (the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history) This true story/movie is based on SEAL officer Chris Kyle’s 4 tours in the Iraq War. He was so dedicated to his “war life” that it overtook his “family life.” He was more connected to his comrades until he decided that “he had enough.” In one scene, he could detect the enemy’s #1 sniper, “the Butcher,” from over a mile away. That sharpshooter was no more. In the movie, when Chris returned, he slowly became the husband & father that he wanted to be with minimal residual effects from the war. He even visited returning soldiers in VA hospitals. Unfortunately, he was killed in America by a returning soldier at a shooting range. The movie showed the multitude of appreciative U.S. citizens that honored Chris Kyle by lining the streets with waving flags as his funeral procession passed by. Unlike “Saving private Ryan” “American Sniper” was a war movie that I could tolerate, but I had to take a break in watching it because was over two hours long. Check our Catalog

Geralyn B., Technical Services

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