Agatha Raisin TV Series

Friday, March 17, 2017
Agatha Raisin TV Series
This was such a fun little series to watch.  There is only one season with a handful of episodes.  Each episode is based on one of MC Beaton’s mystery books about an amateur detective named Agatha Raisin.
The main character is a successful PR executive who decides to retire early and move to the Cotswolds in England.  As she attempts to make friends and fit in to her new country environment she encounters some resistance from her new neighbors.  To overcome their reluctance to take in a newcomer, she enters the village quiche competition.  Agatha doesn’t let the fact that she can’t cook stop her – she buys a quiche from one of her favorite London shops and enters it as her own. 
When the judge of the competition is found to be poisoned by Agatha’s quiche, she is compelled to investigate in order to clear her name and get into the good graces of her fellow village residents.
I think you’ll find this murder mystery series to have humor and suspense and a little romance.  What it does not have is graphic violence, gore or terribly strong language.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Check our catalog.
Peggy G., Circulation

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