Thursday, May 10, 2012
Stephen King

When I heard that Stephen King wrote a book about a time traveler who tries to prevent the Kennedy assasination, I simply couldn't resist.  And I wasn't disappointed.  The book centers around high school English teacher Jake Epping and his discovery of a time portal to the year 1958 in a friend's diner in Maine.  He honors his friend's dying wish that he attempt to prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from shooting Kennedy on 11/22/63.  Jake's travels take him first to Derry, Maine (yep, it's the same fictional setting of King's unbelievably creepy 1986 book It.  I still have nightmares about that one!)  He then heads to Texas where he creates quite a nice little life for himself -much happier, really than his life in 2010 -  until the inevitable climax at the Book Depository and an outcome that changes American history.  One potential downside to this book:  it is LONG.  Over 800 pages.  Stick it out...Stephen King is still a master storyteller and it painted quite an intricate picture of American life in the late 1950's and early '60's, both the positive and the negative.  And did I mention there is unbelievably cool time travel?  Check our catalog.

Kathleen M., Administration

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