100 Cupboards (Book on CD)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
N. D. Wilson

One of those books on CD where I found myself wanting to drive for the sole purpose of listening! You know, where you sit in the garage for as long as you can get away with. Plus, I found myself telling everyone – adults and kids- how much I was enjoying the story. The back of the book on CD summed it up nicely…

“Twelve-year-old Henry York is going to sleep one night when he hears a bump on the attic wall above his head. It’s an unfamiliar house- Henry is staying with his aunt, uncle and three cousins- so he tries to ignore it. But the next night he wakes up with bits of plaster in his hair. Two knobs have broken through the wall, and one of them is slowing turning….

Henry scrapes the plaster off the wall and discovers doors- ninety-nine cupboards of all different sizes and shapes. Through one he can hear the sound of falling rain. Through another he sees a glowing room- with a man strolling back and forth! Henry and his cousin Henrietta soon understand that these are not just cupboards. They are, in fact, portals to other worlds.”

And the best part…100 Cupboards in the first of a new fantasy adventure! A great listen for ALL AGES.

Holly, Youth Services

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