1001 Ways to Pay for College

Monday, June 16, 2014
Gen and Kelly Tanabe
1001 Ways to Pay for College
It may look a little tedious and boring, but I can honestly say that this book has been an invaluable tool for me. I've only just recently become a high school senior, but I have worried about paying for college for a long time.
1001 Ways to Pay for College is a fairly new book, printed in December 2013, so all of the websites and information is really up-to-date, probably more so than many books on college we have in the catalog. It is straightforward and easy to read, with lists and bullet points. 
For me, the most eye-opening section was the scholarship one. I had no idea so many scholarships existed, and for so many different subjects. Some require essays, some don't, some require students to pursue a certain field of study, and others are simply like prize drawings. I learned that many businesses offer scholarships, including Coca-Cola and Burger King.
In addition to scholarship information, the book leads you through some complicated processes and how to get the most out of resources like financial aid and student loans. 
After all of this guidance, there are even small sections disbursed throughout the book with frequently asked questions and answers, such as "How do I describe my accomplishments to impress scholarship judges?" and "How much do I have to save each month to reach my goal?"
strongly recommend students and parents to read this book. Whether you skip around or read it cover to cover, I can guarantee this book will help you pay for college. Check our Catalog
Jada B. Circulation

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