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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I usually enjoy books by Russell Freedman and this one caught my eye. I was a child during the time of the Vietnam War: old enough to be aware of it, but too young to understand any of the politics behind it. The author did a great job of explaining the history of Vietnam and things that led up to the U.S. war in the country. Facts were presented in a clear and very readable manner. I learned a lot!

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Laura G., Youth Services

Breaking Wild

by Diane Les Becquets
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Set in the backcountry of Colorado, this thriller slowly reveals the influence of single incidents in the lives of the two protagonists. Amy Raye Latour is a hunter. One night she breaks the rule her grandfather taught her: never leave an injured animal unfound. Vulnerable and distraught because she couldn’t find the animal she shot, she joins in a life-changing game with her cousins. Pru Hathaway is a search and rescue responder, who has used distance to dull the pain of her life-changing incident. Yet both women have astounding perseverance. Les Becquets alternates their backstories as Hathaway and her dog search for Latour who goes...

Hillbilly Elegy

by J.D. Vance
Monday, November 21, 2016

I grew up in Appalachia so this book really struck a chord with me and I could see myself as I read it. J.D. Vance tells of his upbringing in Kentucky and Ohio and explains how the "Hillbilly mentality" (i.e., poor white Americans) rules the lives of so many people who are not able to break free from their roots. The American Dream is a goal seldom achieved by this segment of society. An excellent and informative read.

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Sue N., Youth Services

No Better Friend

by Robert Weintraub
Friday, November 18, 2016

The book is about "A Man, A Dog, and Their Incredible True Story of Friendship and Survival in WWII." The smarts and instincts of the dog, Judy, are amazing given the circumstances she was in. If you enjoy WWII books and/or dog stories, this is a book worth reading. The book is well written and is a quick read.

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Jeremy E., Administration

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Having just attended the local Community Theater of Howell production of the musical Beauty and the Beast, my granddaughter and I fell in love with the music and wondered if we could find the soundtrack here at our Howell library. A short catalog search later and I had the soundtrack in my hands. The same had happened when we attended Cinderella at Howell High School last year, as well as watching the movie Annie. There is a wealth of music on CD here, soundtracks of every type from kids’ movies to hip hop movies and everything in between. Not to mention that if Howell doesn’t own it, it is more than likely...


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