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The Indigo Girl

by Natasha Boyd
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I happened upon this novel in the NEW BOOKS area at HCDL.  I was intrigued by the "indigo" component since I'm a quilter/crafter and knew enough about it to be dangerous.  As it happens, this novel is based on the true story of Eliza Lucas Pinckney who developed indigo as a major cash crop in South Carolina which helped fund the American Revolution and America's independence.  Most of the characters are real and the events are taken from her own personal journals which include records and parts of her correspondence.

In 1739, Eliza is sixteen years old when she is left in charge of managing her family's land near...

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Oh am I in trouble. I have two teenage boys. I was hoping this book would help me help them make good choices as we navigate the teen years.  This is not that book.  This is a fascinating, very detailed explanation of how evolution  is perfectly willing to sacrifice our teens for the betterment of the human species.  I kid you not! When you as "What were you thinking?" ans they answer "I don;t know."  This is really what is going on, the prefrontal cortex was not being utilized.  By design.  The teen age brain is working exactly as it is designed to work.  It does not function the way an adult...


by Tim Johnston
Thursday, February 22, 2018

When the Courtlands head to the Rocky Mountains for a family vacation before their daughter Caitlin leaves for college, they have no idea how their lives are about to change.  Caitlin, who was a track star in high school, loves to run.  She and her brother, Sean, go for a run the first morning of their vacation and Sean is hit by a car.  The driver offers to take Caitlin down the mountain for help.  Instead he abducts her.  Read on to find out the fate of Cailtin and the struggles her family goes through as the search for her and deal with their loss. ...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Judging from the title, you might think that this is just another cute cozy mystery. You’d be wrong. This is a suspenseful crime novel with an intriguing premise and a clever puzzle to boot. The main character, Lydia, has had a difficult life but seems to have finally found her niche as a clerk at the Bright Ideas Bookstore in downtown Denver and a sense of normalcy with her live-in boyfriend David. Her coworkers are eccentric and the cast of lost and lonely regulars (affectionately referred to as Book Frogs) who spend their days among the books are even more eccentric.

One Friday night at closing, Lydia finds that a Book Frog named Joey has...

Another Day

by David Levithan
Friday, February 16, 2018

Imagine you wake up every day in the life of a stranger. Imagine you fall in love with the girlfriend of one of those strangers. What would you do to be with her? This is the life of “A.” A has been jumping between the lives of stranger for as long as A can remember. As a toddler, A thought that was how everyone lived. When people talked about doing things “tomorrow,” A didn’t understand. Now A is a teenager and wakes up in the life of Justin and falls in love with his girlfriend Rhiannon.  A struggles between maintaining the lives of the hosts and pursuing a relationship with Rhiannon. What would you choose?